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12 Years of Experience

My Story photography studio

A new memory in every snap shot

We tell YOUR STORY in every snapshot, in every taped scene. Whatever your joyful event is, Wedding, Baptism, Engagement, book us and we will turn your story into a beautiful memory

I hope that my page give you a really good introduction to my photography style and my approach on a wedding day.
I’d love to have a chat through your plans and requirements so please either give me a call on +961 3 847391 or get in touch on my contact page. Commercial and editorial photography services are also available.

Our clients enjoy the unmatched expertise that our photography department adds to their project or photo session.

From a simple headshot session to large events our clients enjoy the input, planning, and execution from our staff, experts in logistics, planning, lighting, editing, photo archiving and photography.

At everything from births, weddings, special events, film production, and festivals, to historical events and my Team and I have been there to record life’s moments.

Our Services include:
Portrait Photography / Headshots and Portfolio Services
• One-on-one consultation to determine your exact desires
• See results during the session so that the best possible results can be achieved

Event Photography
• Society and Charity Events
• Corporate Events
• Store and Location openings
• Wedding ceremony
• Art and Culture Events
• Fundraisers
• Birthdays

Film/TV Photography
• Set Photography
• Press Kit Photos
• Film Festivals
• Red Carpets and Premieres
• Location Photos

Corporate Photography
• Headshots
• Training Photography
• Product Photography
• Real Estate and Property Photography

+1 35 1481 527